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Iridology – Level 1


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Course Overview

Iridology Level 1

The texts provided to this course are simple and practical guides for reading and understanding health tendencies through signs in the iris of the eyes.
The technical information is used by students in natural health programs who wish to study the iris as a tool for understanding
the health potentials of the body. In addition practicing iridologists will find the book to be a useful reference
for the many basic health signs found in the iris

After successfully completing this lesson the student will be able to:

1.Discuss the history of iridology, what it is, and what it tells us
2.Explain the basic steps on an iris analysis and appropriate client communication guidelines
3.Describe the anatomy of the eye
4.Discuss iris topography, charts and signs
5.Describe the iris constitutional types and sub types, their corresponding health predispositions and corrective nutritional recommendations
6.Describe basic iris signs, zones and pigmentation’s as well as their meanings and discuss pupil bonus interpretation and the pupil’s relation to the spine.

This course created after 10 years of studies, 15000 hours of scientific research organizing the 1st International Ιridology Congress in Athens (2010 Titania Hotel), 4000 hours of college lecturing
, 12000 hours of practising and clinical research in approximately 1500 irises in 6 different countries around the world.

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