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Holistic Aesthetics – Level1


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Course Overview

In this course the student will gain knowledge regarding all non-invasive beauty methods for face and body.
All the techniques of physical beauty that concern the face of the inner and outer.
Internal beauty techniques include diet consultation , supplements, detoxification, and validated herbs in aesthetics.

Course Objectives: This program focuses on the integration of alternative holistic methods that will elevate your facial treatments or holistic practice.
The aspects of this course focus on a deeper understanding of how these modalities assist in lymphatic drainage, meridian therapy,
wrinkle and scar reduction, facial and eye rejuvenation.

Learn which how to balance each system and how each system is linked to each other in order to enhance your anti-age self mechanisms.

After successfully completing the 3 levels of this course the student will be able to:

1. Adjust the collaborative approach to holistic aesthetics
2. Explain the lymphatic system, connective tissue
3. Define the holistic skin care theory
4. Consult in the aromatherapy beauty therapy
5. Consult in the aromatherapy balancing facial
6. Explain the principles of the Ayurvedic beauty all body massage
7. Explain and define the Ayurvedic and western supplement therapy
8. Stimulate nutritional mechanisms of detoxification
9. Be able to make a holistic detoxification consultation
10.Be able to discuss and consult ‘’anti-ageing’’ techniques on a hormonal level
11.Be able to make a holistic aesthetics consultation.

This course was created after 20000 text book pages have been read, 2000 hours of college lecture, 8000 hours of practise, 2000 happy clients, 10 international congresses
travelling to 9 different countries to evaluate the methods applied 3000 hours of scientific research in collaboration with 150 successful graduates of this course.

Course Features

  • Duration 1 week weeks
  • Language English
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