when the Heart bends!

when the Heart bends!

Our heart is the strongest muscle in our body. It beats hundreds of thousands of times a day and simultaneously draws 6000 to 8000 liters of blood. The cause of heart failure is the weakening of the heart muscle, which no longer has enough power to circulate blood in the circulatory system.

Often, the cause is age. Other causes are coronary heart disease, which affects the heart due to atherosclerosis, as well as cardiac arrhythmia or hypertension.

In such cases and heart loads, heart failure can develop into a chronic disease. In addition, there are acute causes for heart failure, such as heart attack, pulmonary embolism, heart valve damage, or even heart muscle infection.

For the treatment of mild heart failure, the patient can use the herb hawthorn and its derivatives. As an herb with supportive action, which can be taken for long periods of time, hawthorn can improve physical and mental performance and help the body cope with heart failure.

Hawthorn extracts can relieve fatigue symptoms due to heart failure, improve heart contraction, increase the heart’s resistance to oxygen deficiency, improve blood circulation to the heart vessels, as well as to the muscles, regulate heartbeats and slightly lower blood pressure.

The active ingredients of hawthorn are flavonoids, tannins, procyanidins, organic acids, pectin, vitamin C and provitamin A. All these ingredients strengthen the heart muscle, improve its performance, regulate heart rate and blood pressure. . Even after communicable diseases or in the context of physical exercise for strengthening, hawthorn can improve the performance of the heart. Also, in cases where the symptoms are due to nervous causes or causes

Anxiety such as arrhythmias, stings in the heart area, pressure, angina and tachycardia, hawthorn is recommended. Taking hawthorn supplement alone is not enough to treat moderate to severe heart failure. In such cases, special tests should be performed to check for indicators and other possible causes of heart failure, such as diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

The effects of hawthorn are not obvious from the first application. After a long and continuous taking of hawthorn (6 months) its effects become apparent and fatigue is significantly reduced.