Wellness Tips for summer vacations

Wellness Tips for summer vacations

It is never too late to plan your vacation properly. It is not just about buying tickets and booking codes, but also about ensuring your health and well-being during the holidays which are the most important factors for having a good holiday.

# 1 Relax

Do you panic at the idea of ​​boarding a ship, train or plane? Certainly, letting your fears have the upper hand not only means that you have to deal with nausea while traveling, but also that you run the risk of missing out on many wonderful memories. Emphasize your destination. Imagine the golden sand, the clear blue waters and the palm trees waving in the breeze. Imagine how you will feel when you get there. Think about how happy you will be or what you are going to do when you arrive at your destination and the places you will visit. This approach will help you stay positive in your thoughts and reduce your fears. Of course Herbal preparations can help. One such solution is oat extract which is known to soothe the nervous system. Take a deep breath: this automatically helps you feel calmer, as the alpha waves of the brain are properly promoted, which help to relax the body and mind. Take slow, deep breaths, filling your chest with air until you feel the tension decrease. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and imagine your stress diminishing with each breath.

# 2 Avoid swollen feet and ankles

If you feel that your veins can not withstand fatigue, and you want to avoid exposing your swollen feet during the trip, apply horseradish cream to your feet before the trip and once again during the trip. duration of the trip. This will help reduce the swelling and relieve your feet from the accumulated tension. Do not forget to drink plenty too water.

# 3 Sleep like a baby

Upon arrival at your destination, what you would probably like most is your bed. If, on the other hand, you can not sleep, be aware that deep sleep can calm both your central nervous system and relax the muscles, allowing the desired rest you are looking for.

#4 Watch your diet

Getting to know the local cuisine of your destination can be a life experience, but you do not want to have digestive disorders or aggravate pre-existing conditions that affect digestive health.

# 5 Watch your sun exposure

Do not let the sun cause problems on your skin. Avoid sunburn with regular application of a sunscreen with a high protection index when you are out of the shade.

# 6 Avoid colds, otitis and other minor ailments

Protect yourself from symptoms that depend on the state of the immune system, such as parasites and mild infections Respiratory Echinacea

# 7 Protect yourself from insect bites

It is annoying that small insects, such as mosquitoes, can cause so much discomfort. Use regular insect repellent to protect yourself from insects. In case the mosquitoes or other insects do not let you calm down, applying raspberry gel