Vitamin C Reverses premature Aging

Vitamin C Reverses premature Aging

Vitamin C is one of the “miracle vitamins”:

* it can help heal skin problems

* overcome the signs of premature aging and even

* speed up wound healing

In addition, those taking regular vitamin C supplements could also have healthier DNA, as vitamin C helps repair cells.

Researchers from the British University of Leicester and the Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Portugal have found that vitamin C can counteract the effects of the sun on the skin and reverse the premature aging associated with the effects of the sun.

In a previous study, researchers found that vitamin C supplements can help promote healthy DNA by repairing damaged cells.
Source: Free radic Biol Med, 2009; 46: 78-87.

Acerola is a small red tropical fruit similar to the cherry, with 100 times higher content of vitamin C than that contained in an orange.
The vitamin C contained in acerola is 100% absorbed as it is recognized by the body as a food.