treat Foot Pain and Fatigue in summertime

treat Foot Pain and Fatigue in summertime

In addition to hot weather, summer can also have unpleasant consequences for the lower extremities of the human body. As the weather warms up, the body tries to keep the blood cool by directing it to the surface of the skin. Changes in blood flow can cause swelling. If you do not hydrate your body enough, the heat can upset the balance of your fluids. During the summer, the human body tries to maintain fluid reserves to deal with the special conditions that prevail in the environment, due to rising temperatures.

Many people find that their feet, ankles and soles gradually swell during the day, either due to inactivity or due to constant standing. This is because the action of pumping blood from the leg muscles is necessary for the proper flow of blood to the rest of the body. Cool, refresh and energize your feet during the summer with the following health tips:

• Exercise: walking, cycling or swimming are good choices or even something milder, such as yoga.

• Wear loose clothing and comfortable shoes, especially when standing for long periods of time.

• Avoid excessive heat: hot baths, saunas and long periods of sunbathing make it difficult to control body temperature.

• Cool your feet with a cold foot bath. It stimulates the blood vessels and cools the blood resulting in increased circulation locally.

• Drink plenty of water and avoid excessive salt intake to prevent blood clotting

• Sit for 20 minutes daily, with your legs raised so that gravity can move blood from the lower extremities.

• Massage your feet with upward movements. Relieves pain and promotes blood circulation. The chestnut seed has anti-inflammatory (reduces swelling), astringent (stimulates blood vessels) and anti-oedematous properties (reduces excess fluid in the tissues).